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E11 Precision Smudger Brush

E11 Precision Smudger Brush

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E11 Precision Smudge Brush

The E11 Precision Smudge Brush has densely packed bristles that help you achieve a smoldering-eye look in a snap. It picks up and holds product with ease, making it perfect to apply to the lid. It's a compact, dense eyeshadow brush that is ideal for smudging out pigment under the eyes and at the outer corners. It also perfectly pops highlighter onto the inner corners.

Did you know?

The super-soft fibers feel delicate around the eye area.

How to use?

The E11 brush can be used to buff and blend out makeup products on the lid, diffusing powder, liquid and cream formulas with maximum control. Can be used wet or dry.

Each cell phone or computer screen is different, some colors can be seen different from reality due to this.

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