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E07. Flat Liner Brush

E07. Flat Liner Brush

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E07. Flat Liner Brush

E07 is a small, tapered liner brush with synthetic fibers that is ideal for creating precise liner looks along the lash line, waterline and lip line. The small, tapered shape of this professional makeup brush allows for a smooth, precise application of product. With premium synthetic fibers, this slim pro artist brush is ideal for detailed application of both powder and cream products, making it easy to achieve everything from sharp to bold lines.

Did you know?

The brush’s slim size makes it perfect for applying product to the waterline or precisely lining the eyes or lips. All of our brushes have a duochrome handle that we absolutely love. 

How to use?

Line or detail the eyes and/or perfect the lips using this small tapered makeup brush for precise application of both powder and emollient-based products. To create clean, long strokes, apply product using the side of the brush. To cover more space, apply product using the flat side of the brush. Use this brush to easily smudge eyeshadow along the lash line or tightline and create a range of eye looks. You can use E07 to spot conceal blemishes; or to apply glow products to the inner corner of the eye with precision. It's ideal for applying our gel liners to the eye area.

Each cell phone or computer screen is different, some colors may look different from reality due to this.

Each cell phone or computer screen is different, some colors can be seen different from reality due to this.

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